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Gina Yellin
Residing In: Naperville, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Brett
Occupation: School Social Worker/ Tax Accountant
Children: Seth, J.D. married to amazing Simchah Two beautiful daughters, Elaina and Shayna

Todd: Writer More…and Director. Left With Only Rain Engaged to wonderful Keysha

Blair: Astrologer, Film Editor and Video Producer. Daughter extraordinaire.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Looking at the pictures brings back such wonderful memories of the people I knew in high school, it makes me a little sad that I have been so out of touch with some very special people in my life.

Since I graduated I attended U of I, became an accountant, a wife, and a mom. Decided I liked my volunteer work a lot so I went back and got my MSW (UIC) and Ph.D. (Loyola) in Clinical Social Work. That entitled me to taking a huge pay cut and becoming a school social worker…. I have been told that is the wrong direction to move, oh well, I love what I do and I love the man, Brett, who has helped me take this giant step "backward." I still have a small tax practice and I teach Research at Loyola and AU. In my free time I travel to D.C., New York and LA to see my kids. I thought that made me a jet setter but I was told you have to go to Paris or London for that. Traveling to spend a week on an airbed in your kid's apartment apparently doesn't count.

School Story:

One friday anticipating another weekend of not having a date, I asked Maggie if she wanted to do something since I knew her boyfriend was at college and she might not have plans. She said yes, then one by one, 7 beautiful girls whom I was sure all had dates so I never would have asked them to do anything, asked if they could join us. We piled all 9 of us into my Mom's Mercury and went to a Rummage Sale at my temple. We ended up at Peacock's for sundaes. It was a great night, 9 girls who all would have sat home assuming they were the only ones without a date went out and had a blast! After that I wasn't afraid to ask if anyone wanted to do something Saturday night, I had a lot of those free senior year.

I also remember stealing a kiss in the tunnel during the days I had something to do Saturday night.

And then there was the time Nancy Harris and I having bought the same identical "sister" outfits thought it would be cool to wear them on the same day… oh, well, at least the two of us thought it was cool even if no one else did.

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